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Read the extract from 'Mr___ come finally one day looking all drug out' (page 12) to 'he say,
Her cow (page 13).

Using this extract as your starting point, you should:

Explore how Walker's manipulation of Celie's voice conveys the attitudes of the men
involved in this transaction
Examine the…

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intercepts Nettie's letters from Celie as though forbidding sisterhood. Therefore, men are seen as
their worst in this feminist novel.

The novel is made up of as series of letters from both Celie and Nettie. The letters written by Celie
are reported speech "Pa say" but, when read it is…

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Celie's voice as she responds to Harpo with "do it. Beat her" as she knows life no other way for a
woman. Harpo on the other hand grows up to believe that a wife should do what a husband says and
if she does not then she should be beaten,…


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