Earthquake , Question and Answer

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What is an Earthquake?

An Earthquake is a sudden and violent shaking of the ground , caused by the movement of plates.

What happens at the plate boundaries ?

The earth's crust is divided into sections.  Each section is called a plate

Plates are made of solid rock

There are three types of plate boundaries i.e. Constructive (To build , (Outwards) ), A Destructive (To destroy, Inwards).  And a conservative (Side-by-side).

Key Terms

Atlantic Ocean Ridge - A Group of islands all formed by vocanic eruptions under the ocean i.e. Iceland, Azores ect.

Why do Plates move ?

Plates move because the core generates radioactivity, which heats the core to temperatures of 6000 C or more , then the process of matle convection which is when the heat from the


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