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Case Study Kobe Earthquake Location: Japan (Philippine Eurasian plate boarder)
Use of the
Case Study Earthquake case study rich part of Rich
the world-their specific causes;
primary and secondary effects;
immediate and long term
responses ­ the need to predict,
protect and prepare. YOU MAY
Key facts
and figures: 5:46am 17th Jan 1995 7.2
Richter scale 20 second tremors
Sub-duction of the Philippines plate
under the Eurasian plate
6,434 killed 40,000
injured 200,000 buildings
-Gas and electricity shut down Remembering the Case Study (Picture, Phrase, poem, rap etc.)
Primary -6,434 killed Secondary -Fires caused by ruptured gas (7500
Effects -40,000 serious injured Effects houses destroyed in fire) and people
-200,000 building collapsed cooking
-Bullet trains de-railed -Blocked roads led to shortages in
water, blankets and food
-Buildings collapsed due to liquefaction
-Friends and neighbours searched -Industries re-opened
through the rubble (joined by Long Term -Telephone, electricity and gas all fixed
Immediate rescue workers once access clear) Responses in 6 months
Responses -Government evacuated people to -80% of port working in a year
temporary shelters due to risk of
fire and unstable buildings -City re-zones with more open space and
-Bulldozers were brought in to wider roads
clear fallen buildings -Stricter building regulations

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Know geologically active area
(basic prediction)
Prediction, -Earthquake drills conducted,
Protection emergency services trained
and -New buildings of Kansai airport
Preparation and Akashi bridge undamaged
(built to survive earthquake)
-Buildings built to 1981 code
survived the quake, earlier
buildings collapsed
-High rise buildings built apart to
stop Domino affects
-High rise building have flexible
steel frames
-Rubber blocks put under bridges
to absorb shock
Example Describe and compare the primary Answer
Exam impacts of earthquakes in rich and (Continue
Question: poor parts of the world…read more

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