Plate boundaries presentation

Contains the same information about types of plate boundaries as the last presentation I uploaded, except it focusses just on this, with 12 questions testing your knowledge on them and a table to show the information more concisely.

Hope it helps! :) 

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Types of boundary Processes Features Example
Destructive The oceanic crust Violent volcanic and Nazca sinks under the
(convergent plates or moves towards the earthquake activity. South American plate.
subduction zones) continental crust and
sinks beneath it due to
its greater density; deep
sea trenches and island
arcs are formed.
Constructive Two plates move apart Gentle volcanic and Mid Atlantic Ridge near
(spreading or from each other; new earthquake activity. Iceland.
divergent plates) oceanic crust is formed,
creating mid-ocean
Conservative (passive Two plates move Violent earthquake San Andreas Fault in
or transform plates) sideways past each activity. No volcanic California.
other but land is neither activity.
destroyed nor created.…read more

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Has that refreshed your memory? Try these questions to find out if you really
know everything there is to know about plate boundaries!…read more

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Why does the oceanic crust sink under the continental crust at destructive plate
A - Because the magma pulls it down.
B ­ Because it is older and weaker.
C ­ Because it is denser and heavier.…read more

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The answer is that the oceanic crust is denser and heavier than the continental
crust. This is why it sinks as they move together. Well done!
Click here to try the next question!…read more

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Click here to try again.…read more

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