Design Features of Digital Products

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Design features of digital products

Digital product designers follow a set of principles that have been developped, through many years of trial and error, which if followed will design a robust product. The products will then have positive features. Or if they ignored the principles, the products may have negative features.

The set of rules that the deigital designers must follow are known as the 8 golden rules(or principles).

The 8 Golden Rules:

1) Strive for consistency - consistent sequences of actions in similar situations: identical terminology in prompts, menus, and also help screens; consistent commands throughout. For exampls most applications will have a menu bar at the top of the window and the first menu will be 'Home' or 'File' menu, depending on the version. In Western societies the first menu item will be on the left of the screen as we read from left to right, this conforms to our experience in everyday life.

2) Enable users to use shortcuts- As frequency of use increases, so does the desire to reduce the number of interactions and increase the pace of interaction. Short cut keys, function keys, hidden commands are helpful to a frequent user…


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