The user experience

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The user experience

User experience is how a person feels when using a digital product. User experience is dynamic, because it changes over time as circumstances change. How a digital product is designed affects how people use it.

Think about the quality of the experience when using  a digital product. This process is called the user experience. In order to create a great experience for users, not just deisgn something that we'd like to use, we need to keep listening and iterating. It must be an ongoing endeavour, a process of continually learning about users,  responding to their behaviours, and elvolving the digital product. We have seen new versions of the iPod, iPad, PSx Gamestations.

Consider the combination of senses (audio, visual, tactile) being used with each digital product, and how the combination of various elements effect the experience of using it. Possible responses may include:

- Background sound on games e.g. racing game with engine sounds, football game with shouts and commentary.

- Video enabled within websites

- Use of images and text in a database like iTunes

- Dance mats

- Wii

The way we use our senses has a profound effect on how we feel about a digital product, this is part of usability. There are other important factors in the user experience, which include how easy is…


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