Design and Development

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Design and development

The principles of product/software development:

There are several stages in digital product/software development. The stages are in a pre-defined order with a review at the end of each stage, before the next stage is started.

The interactive approach:

Digital design requires the gradual refinement to improve the product. You need to respond appropriately to feedback to ensure you produce a better product.

Key issues when working to a brief:

There is always an end date when the product must be ready by. You must always prioritise requirements and consider quality. It's no good having one element of the product perfect and the other elements incomplete or sub-standard. This is where testing is so important. In the business world there is always an amount of money or budget that can be spent on the product.

Principles of digital product/software development

Digital products and software are engineered, They do not come about for no reason, or created…


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