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Examples of hardware outside the computer
mouse, monitor, printer and scanner
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Examples of hardware inside the computer
harddisk, C.P.U, R.A.M and fan
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What is 'system software'?
software that controls the way the comp works/tells it what to do, i.e. User interface
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What is 'application software'?
the type of software that you use to have fun/work, i.e. Word processors
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What is a 'microprocessor'?
a electronic processing chip/circuit which makes the computer/electronic device work
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Give 3 examples of microprocessors in: 1.the home 2.at work 3.everyday life
1.DVD players & hair dryers 2.Lifts & photocopiers 3.Mobiles & digital cameras
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What is a 'super computer'?
Fastest, most expensive comps in world. Used in unis for large research projects.Generate lots of heat need 2 be in a special room.
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What is a 'main frame computer'?
Large, powerful comps, can multitask. Slower than super comp but cheaper. Used by large companies like banks.
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What is a 'personal computer'?
v.powerful, not expensive.In homes+offices.Set up+left in one place,not mobile. example - playing music
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What is a 'laptop'?
Portable,mobile comp. Intregated keyboard/mouse.Powerful battery.Can be connected to wifi networks.
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What is a 'netbook'?
smaller,lighter than laptop.Do not have traditional harddisk to store operating system have flash memory. Also have less storage.
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What is a 'tablet computer'?
moblie,thin,flat surface holdinhand. Touchscreen. Screen can be landscape/portrait. Connect to internet via wifi/3G.
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What is a 'embedded computer'?
a single chip that contains all elements 4 a comp 2 work i.e. R.A.M
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What does a 'keyboard' do? input/output device?
input - made up of buttons/keys, for entering text and numericals into a computer system to be shown on screen
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What does a 'touchpad' do? input/output device?
input- by dragging your finger over surface, sensors detect movement/speed + has 2 clickers
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What does a 'microphone' do? input/output device?
input - sound is detected by microphone & electrical signal is transmitted 2 comp
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What does a 'webcam' do? input/output device?
input- captures video/images.Can be built into comp/or connected via usb cable. Can be used for teleconferencing.
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What does a 'remote control' do? input/output device?
input-handheld used 2 control machine/short distance.Need line-of-sight to send signals to reciveing device.
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What does a 'monitor' do? input/output device?
output- made up of coloured dots/pixels. More pixels = more detail + quality output. Larger the monitor - more expensive.
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What does a 'printer' do? input/output device?
output- create hardcopy of work done on comp printed on paper. Some can print on dvds/cds. Costly toner when printing alot of things. fast/quiet printing.
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What does a 'inkjet printer' do? input/output device?
output-quite cheap,most combine blk+white with colour at same time. Use cartridges containing ink cheap.Ideal for home use.
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What does a 'earphones' do? input/output device?
output- consist of small loudspeakers worn over/in ear. Connected via cable or wireless 2 comp ect. Transducer converts electronic sigs from device 2 sounds.
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What do 'plasma screens' do? input/output device?
output- for teles. Uses in homes, comp monitors 2 download video, in reception areas 4 info. Ad- very large, thin profile. Disad- produce heat, take up large area
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What does a 'braille' do? input/output device?
input- writing system for visually impared. Made of raised dots can be 'read' by touch. Allows user to enter text/instructions to comp.
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What does a 'puff-sip switch' do? input/output device?
input- for people with poor physical mobility. Placed in mouth, person sips/blows, switch on other end goes on/off. Switch itself connected 2 comp.
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What is 'ROM'?
type of memory that retains data even without power, so when comp is off, wont lose the data saved on it. Data is read only, cant be changed by user.
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What is 'RAM'?
used to hold data being processed by the system.If comp switches crashes anything running will be lost.
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What is 'BIOS'
the basic input/output system for comp.
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Give 2 examples of storage devices + what they do:
1.CD ROM- cd read only memory.Cheap/small. Data can be written on once. Used for music. Cheap. 2.DVD-for copying/backing up data.Large storage capacity.Sound+pic quality is good.
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What is 'LAN'?
local area network = when comps are fairly close to eachother, joined by cables/wireless network
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What is 'WAN'?
wide area network=is a collection of computers and network resources connected via a network over a geographic area.
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What is a 'Hub'?
A hub is a harware device that connects multiple comps together in a network + can share data
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What is a 'Router'?
is a device that transfers data from 1 network 2 another. Its task is 2 forward data packets 2 their destination by most effiecient route.
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What is a 'Modem'?
a modem converts the digital data from a comp 2 a continuous analogue wavefrom that the telephone sytem is designed 2 deal with.
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What is a 'Network card'?
needed if comp doesnt have a built-in network chip on its motherboard.
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Network cards in moblie systems
i.e. tablet is to thin - so you can expect a wifi connection to be avaliable
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What is the difference between hardware and software?
hardware are physical components that run/work with comp. Software are internal applications installed on comp.
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What is a 'Plotter'?
A specialist type of printer able to draw high quality images on large paper.
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What is a 'Actuator'?
is part of a control system. Name given 2 a device that moves something when made to do so.
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What is 'Flash memory'? Why do we use it instead of a harddisk?
is used for easy and fast info storage in devices like digital cameras. Used more as a harddrive than as a RAM. (its light,noiseless,smaller than harddisk)
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Give examples of Flash memory devices:
comp BIOs chip, compact flash, memory stick, memory cards in video games.
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What is a 'Optical storage device'?
save data as patterns of dots that can be read using light. I.e. burning discs
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Whats the 'CPU' of a comp?
Controls input of data and output of information.
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Whats the 'motherboard' of a comp?
the large printed circuit board inside a comp contains cpu & memory
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What is a 'concept keyboard'?
are used in fastfood resturants- made up of grid with images for various drinks or items on menu.
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What is the use of a 'joystick'?
comp games- used to control movement from side2side up&down. Has 1/2 buttons to 'fire' a gun at rop of stick.
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What is a 'MIDI interface'?
connect musical insturments into a computer. The files are small and can be edited or modified as required.
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What is 'Barcode recognition'?
a barcode represents a code no. for a product in a set of vertical lines of different thicknesses.
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AD's+DISAD's of barcode readers:
ads-automatic input+quick to enter disads-can be probs if sytem fails,new products need to be entered into database
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Flash memory(memory stick) AD's+DISAD's:
ads-more compact that CDs/DVDs and can be password protected disads-more expensive and easily lost
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What do the following terms mean?: 1.CD-ROM 2.CD-R 3.CR-RW
1.once brought data already on it cant be changed 2.can save data on disk once 3.can save data on disk and overwrite
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What is a 'fax'?
used 2 transfer a doc to another fax machiene or comp using telephone lines
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What is 'VoIP - internet telephone'?
where voice communication can be transmitted over the internet. Cheaper bad cos need service.
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Responsible use of the internet includes:
nondisclosure of personal info, cyber bullying, no chatroom meetups, no misuse of webcam
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AD's + DISAD's of using intenet include:
ads-lots of info, communication,downloading music disads-spamming,incorrect info
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What does 'Remote access software' enable?
It allows the engineer to view + control a costumers laptop to diagnose any problems
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What are 'cookies'?
small text files that monitor use of the internet and contain info such as user ID
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Mobile phone tracking is enabled by:
the phone producing a roaming signal
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What is 'GIS'?
geographical info system- comp system that stores data based on location of it
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Differences between:1.Word Processing & 2.DTP (desk top publishing software)
1.letters- can mailmerge to target lots of ppl 2.Posters/flyers- use of graphics+txt boxes can be placed accuratly on page, can layer images
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What is 'DTP'?
if more control over the layout of a page is required or doc contains alot of graphics
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What is 'Data redundancy'?
linking data tables can reduce the duplpication of data, making it simplier to keep info up to date
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Give 2 examples of monitoring/tracking systems + what they are:
CCTV cameras-detecting criminals,cheap. Has camera,tv display, video recorder. 2.Keylogging-keys pressed are recorded, user doesnt know usually.
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Give 2 examples of web design package features:
Hyperlink-used as navigation links and forms-for making bookings
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1.What is a 'Flatfile'? 2.What is a 'Relational database'?
1.all data is contained in 1 table 2.the data is stored in seperate tables
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What is 'Validation'?
automatic checks made by a comp 2 ensure any data entered is valid/sensible
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What is a 'Expert system'?
comp programmes that rely on stored info from a expert to perform a task
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What is 'Financial forcasting'?
a mathmatical model is made 2 show performance of a financial situation + future
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What is: 1.Batch total 2.Hash total
1.Check 4 missing records, no's. + together. 2.check 4 errors in data transmission.
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Potential health problems when using computers:
backache, eye problems, writst problems, stress, neck problems ect.
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Saftey precausions to aviod issues related to using computers:
taking breaks, appropriate lighting, eye testts, wrist rests, supportive chair ect.
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The data protection act:
protects the privacy of personal information
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The computer misuse act:
introduce with the purpose of preventing attacks on ICT systems 2 commit crimes/damage the system
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Use of ICT to improve disabled lives include:
braille devices,speech recognition & text to speech software
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Sustainability + recycling in ICT include:
banks encourage online banking/paperfree billing and growth in electronic communication
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Smart waste bins
have a sensor to detect the amount of waste being thrown away, more waste=higher taxes the householder pays
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How ICT reduces the damage on the enviroment:
lights can be switched off automatically, ict is used to control solar power for optimum performance
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What is 'data logging'?
is where an electronic device records data from sensors at regular intervals
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Give 2 examples of control systems to help support modern lives:
1.automatic doors-used in lifts,as saftey feature they wont close when someones detected near exit, conserve energy by only opening/letting heat escape when necerssary
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