UNIT 2: Crimean War

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Outbreak of Crimean War

  • Russia's empire advanced to India which Britian saw as a threat to trade route in India
  • Tsar of Russia wanted the Ottoman Empire because Russia wanted ice free ports for its fleet and access Mediterrenean
  • Britian wanted Mediterreanean port black sea to be un friendly hands so they could trade with India
  • Russia wanted to protect Greek Orthodox Christians 
  • France and Russia had disagreements over who hold the key to Church of the Holy Speculre in Bethlehem
  • Russian government announced unless Turkey did want they wanted would attack
  • Nicholas I compares Ottoman Empire to be a sick man 

Turkey to blame 

  • Reject Austrian- Hungry peace taxes
  • Declared War 

Russia to blame 

  • Trying to bully the Turks and Prince Menshikov not dipolametic 
  • France to blame 
  • Involved in dispute over religion 

  • Britian to blame 
  • Lord Stratford de Redcliffee encouraging Sultan to reject Russia demands 
  • Stirred up trouble

Lord Raglan- British commander in chief and Chancellor of the Exchequer raise


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