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Florence Nightingale & Mary
What were their roles in the Crimean War?…read more

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Florence Nightingale- background
Florence was born into a wealthy family and was
well educated
She learnt to be a nurse on a 3 month course
Her father funded her independent lifestyle by
giving her £500 per week
She was in the Crimea from November 1854 to the
end of the war, in 1856
In 1860 she wrote a book called "Notes on Nursing",
which is still in print today in many different
Her main achievement was to raise nursing to the
level of a respectable profession for women…read more

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Nightingale's role in the Crimea
Florence Nightingale was appointed head nurse at
the Barrack Hospital in Scutari due to her having
two influential friends: Sidney Herbert (the
secretary for war at the start of the Crimean War)
and his wife, Elizabeth
Sidney Herbert appointed Nightingale after outcry in
The Times over conditions in the Crimea
No other candidates were considered for the job
She was accompanied by a team of 38 nurses, from
various religions to keep a balance, selected by a
committee including Elizabeth Herbert
Nightingale was only in charge of the nurses at
Scutari, and was answerable to the Medical Officer,
Dr. Menzies…read more

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Nightingale's Impact
Impact on the cleanliness and organisation of
the hospital debatable
Different sources suggest different things- some
report a positive change in the cleanliness,
others criticize her management.
Reports that she did not appreciate the "help" of
some of her fellow nurses and that hygiene was
actually poor at the hospital
In 1860, the Nightingale Fund paid for the
Nightingale Training School for Nurses to be set
up in London…read more

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Mary Seacole- background
Born in Jamaica
Learned nursing skills from her mother
Previously ran a hotel in Panama treating
Cholera victims
Jamaican Units served in the Crimean War
and news of poor medical conditions
filtered back to Jamaica
Seacole decided to help…read more

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How did Seacole get to the
She travelled to England to apply to be an
official nurse
But she was rejected, despite her
experience- even by Elizabeth Herbert. It is
possible this had something to do with her
darker skin colour.
She ended up paying her own way to the
Crimea, and set up a company near the front
line called "Seacole and Day"…read more

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