Tsarist Russia 1855-1917: Overview

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Russia in 1855

  • Largest empire - 1/6 of the world
  • Royal Family are the Romanovs - incalcuable wealth
  • Variety of cultures and ethnic groups - difficult to unite and communicate to as a whole
  • Largely agricultural (Agrarian) - poverty & destitution - farms owned by landowners
  • Very few urban workers - lack of middle class
  • Lack of social mobility (classes were FIXED)
  • Small, rich elite had little understanding of the nature/widespread of poverty
  • Strict militarian regime
  • Inequality
  • 1903 Trans Siberian railway - major success but still behind West 


Alexander II 1855-1881 

  • Tsar Liberator - interested in reform 
  • Succeeded his father suddenly and at a relatively young age (36) 
  • Inherited Russia on the back of the defeat of the Crimean War (1853-1856) which put Russia in a bad light and highlighted the backwardness of the once leading military force in Europe. During the Crimean War…


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