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Camillo Paolo Filippo Giulio Benso, Count of Cavour (1810-1861)
A leading figure in the movement toward Italian unification
He was the founder of the original Italian Liberal Party...
... and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia, a position he maintained (except for a
six-month resignation) throughout the Second Italian War of
Independence and Garibaldi's campaigns to unite Italy
Cavour died only three months after the declaration of a united Kingdom of Italy, and therefore did
not live to see Venetia or Rome as part of the new Italian nation.
Cavour, (as he is usually called) put forth several economic reforms in his native region of
Piedmont in his earlier years
Founded the political newspaper Il Risorgimento.
After being elected to the Chamber of Deputies, he quickly rose in rank through the Piedmontese
government, coming to dominate the Chamber of Deputies through a union of left-center and
right-center politicians.
After a large rail system expansion program, Cavour became prime minister in 1852.
As prime minister, Cavour successfully negotiated Piedmont's way through the Crimean
War, Second Italian War of Independence, and Garibaldi's expeditions, managing to maneuver
Piedmont diplomatically to become a new great power in Europe, controlling a nearly united Italy
that was five times as large as Piedmont had been before he came to power.
Political roles:
1st Prime Minister of Italy (in office March 23, 1861 to 1861). Monarch ­ Victor Emmanuel ll
Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs (March 23, 1861 ­ June 6, 1861) ­ position created
Italian Minister of Navy (March 23, 1861 ­ June 6, 1861) ­ position created
9th Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Sardinia (4 November 1852 ­ 19 July 1859)
11th Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Sardinia (21 January 1860 ­ 23 March 1861) ­ office abolished
Personal Details
Born ­ 10th August 1810 (Turin, First French Empire)
Died ­ 6th June 1861 ­ aged 50 (Turin, Kingdom of Italy)
Nationality ­ Italian (23rd March 1861 ­ 6th June 1861)
Sardinian (10th August 1810 ­ 23rd March 1861)
Political party ­ UDL (Italian Liberal Party)
Religion ­ Roman Catholic


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