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Causes of the war:
It was about control and power
Russian empire was increasing and threatening the dominance of the
British Empire, in particular British interests in India.
Their route to India, involved cutting through the Black Sea and…

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His frankness shocked Victorian England and influenced many against
the war and in favour of reform.
Talked about the military mismanagement & administrative
incompetance and contrasted to the romantic heroism.
It undermined the government and destroyed the reputation of Lord
Raglan (Commander-in-chief) shattering patroitism.
However... bias? He was anti-Turk and…

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She was accompanied with a team of 38 nurses (selected with diiferent
religious backgrounds to keep a balance).
She was later praised an honoured by the public for improving
conditions and they saw her as a `angel of mercy'.
She helped call for the `Sanitary commission'.
In later life, she…

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Queen Victoria sent her a diamond brooch, she now had enough money
to train nurses fit for employment
Some believe however, that she wanted little to do with it and it was
Herbert that forced her from resigning.

Changed to British institutions: the army and the civil service
Two main…


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