Charles 1st and Catholics

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Charles I’s and the Catholics


Charles wasn’t a fanatic about toleration; he would tolerate but mostly just wanted people to show him outward conformity

The was a “duel standard” because Catholics were subjected to harsh Recusancy fines and yet Catholic worship was active at court thanks to Queen Henrietta Maria

There was an impression that the government was pro-Catholic because Laud had called ministers “priests”- which was a Catholic term, the pope had also offered Laud a cardinals hat (which he had refused) this was viewed that Laud must have been a Catholic. Also the Queen had lots of influence over Charles and at court.

Attention was drawn to Catholics at court because of there was a number of papal envoys (representatives of the Pope) around court from 1634 onwards. A number of Charles ministers were either secret or open Catholics- examples- Richard Weston, Lord Treasurer. Francis


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