CASE STUDY: Sustainable Management - Curitiba, Brazil

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  • Location of Curitiba: City in South East Brazil, Capital of Parana Province
  •  1.8 million people


465 bus lanes caters for more than 2 million passengers a day

 - Buses are quick and cheap - affordable and of good quiality

- 5 main routes, centre lane for bus only

- 5 main transportation routes cris-cross the city thanks to the BRT – bus rapid transit system

- The stations are elevated to provide the passengers access to the same level as the bus

- Called ‘Tubular bus stops’ – bus drivers don’t take fares making 1/3 less travel times

- The buses have platforms which are lowered to allow the passengers to get off quickly without wasting time

- there are 2 doors on the buses so that people can get on and off at the same time, this means they are stood still creating air pollution for less amount of time

- There are lanes which are reserved exclusively to the BRT

- There are also connections with other city buses

- One specific day they held integrated transport systems with 14 neighbouring towns

- The main bus lines are connected to the city’s nine districts by smaller orange coloured buses

- This second network spreads out like a spider’s web

- Introduce an express bus which will go from one terminus to another more quickly in order to cope with the increasing passengers

- The express bus is red and has few stops, and can travel quicker without being a danger to other traffic

- smaller roads connect to the 5 main roads meaning that everybody has access to the bus network - so people don't have to go into the CBD unnecessarily

- transports are above ground as it is cheaper than subway and quicker

- 4000 passengers per day on special bus

- 25% less congestion

- public transport is now used by 75% of commuters on weekdays Create a subway line running North to South 

Social Initiatives:

busy street - street mall

- university - education

- the green exchange - 1990. Had an overproduction in greenbelt, people hand stored garbage and get food and bus tickets in return - 300


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A good level of detail in the case study of Curitiba in Brazil. If you want to have the amount of detail you need to get to Level 3 in the longer questions then this is perfect. Learn it and then use the "Test Yourself" feature.

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