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Changing Urban
Environments…read more

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What is Urbanisation?
The growth in proportion of a country's
living population living in urban areas…read more

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More rapid urbanisation in less developed
countries - less % in urban areas.
Less rapid urbanisation in more
developed countries - higher % in urban
Rate of urban growth increasing in least
developed countries.
In 2010 - over half world's population live
in towns & cities.…read more

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Rural-Urban migration in poorer
Shortage of services in rural areas
Better standard of living
Jobs, larger workplace
Better infrastructure
Industry is attracted to cities…read more

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Rural-Urban migration in richer
18th ­ 19th century was Agricultural
Revolution. Machinery replaced labour
Cities had jobs, so people moved
Late 20th century people moved left run-
down inner city area.
Being encouraged to move back to inner-
city…read more

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Parts of a City
CBD - Central Business Suburbs - Housing
District - main shopping & areas, cheaper land,
service area; main place of easy to commute into
work; easily accessible CBD, middle-class
(middle); historic core, low families live here: low
population density crime and pollution
Inner City - Poor Rural-Urban
quality housings, old Fringe - both urban
industrial buildings. and rural land uses.
Run-down, deprived. Fewer, larger houses
Derelict land may be
cleared and
redeveloped for
newer housing…read more

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