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AQA Geography Case Studies

Changes in Urban Environments

-A CBD renewal, Birmingham Bullring

-Traffic- Park & Ride (York & Bath), Boris' Bikes (London), Public transport Schemes
(London Oyster Card)

- Squatter Settlements- Kibera (Kenya), Curitiba ( Brazil), Rio de Janeiro (also sustainable
city)- Self-help & Site & service schemes


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-Land uses, Keyhaven Marshes, Hampshire

Ice on the land

-Glacial Budget, Athabasca Glacier or South Cascade Glacier

- Distinctive landforms, Snowdonia

- Snow & ice tourism, Chamonix, Gultar avalanche

-Glacial retreat, Abondance France

Rocks, Resources & scenery

Granite- Farming on Dartmoor

Limestone- Yorkshire Dales Tourism

Chalk & Clay- London Chalk…


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