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Changing Urban Environments


1. Define the word Urbanisation.
The process where there is an increasing proportion of the population living in towns and
cities and there are fewer people living in the countryside.
2. What is the North-South Divide?
The North-South divide is a line that divides the poor…

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Changing Urban Environments

13. Name a Case Study about Issues Facing the Inner City.
Attempts to manage traffic in Glasgow.
14. Write three facts to do with your Case Study.
Parking has increased 5 times as much in city
5000 parking spaces at train stations
In all parts of town…

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Changing Urban Environments

24. Name the Three types of pollution made from Rapid Urbanisation and Industrialisation
in the poor world.
Waste Disposal
Air Pollution
Water Pollution
25. Name a Case Study for them.
India - Bhopal, River Ganges etc.
26. What is the meaning of a Sustainable City?
A city…


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