Case Studies - The Urban Environment

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  • Case Studies - The Urban Environment
    • Increase in urban population - China
      • 8 million farmers moved to cities in past 10 years
      • In Shanghai thousands of jobs are being made and lots of skyscrapers being built
    • Environmental hazards - China
      • In Beijing 3 million cars had to be taken off the road + factories were closed down
      • In Chongquing, air pollution cause of death and bronchitis
      • Chongquing - mass human waste mean many landfills get full quickly
    • Improving the Urban Environment - Curitiba
      • One of first cities to have sustainable urban master plan
      • Has a traffic free city centre - first in Brazil
      • Integrated bus system that's cheap and reliable
      • Green spaces - river walkways, parks + cycle trials
      • Environmental education part of school
      • Increase in recycling - slum dwellers can exchange it for various things
      • Public housing programme provides basic housing for urban poor
    • Reducing deprivation in MEDC's - Nightingale Estate, Hackney
      • New houses and low-level flats replace tower blocks
      • Improved street lighting and security cameras
      • Improved childrens playground
      • Litter collecting and recycling system
    • Urban Redevelopment - Olympic Park, London
      • Create large areas o green space and habitats for wildlife
      • Clean the rivers which were polluted from past industrial uses of the docks
      • New houses are being built
      • Improved transportation links in London will improve commuting and reduce traffic
    • Managing Movement - Cambridge Guided Busway
      • Paths beside busway for pedestrians + cyclists
      • Area being replanted + landscaped
      • Reduces traffic thus pollution
    • Challenges + Opportunities in LEDCs - Dharavi, Mumbai
      • Large slum in Asias
      • Community groups hold shcooing and organisations for orphaned children
      • Small businesses and workshops make things that are sold around the world
      • Along roads families sell homemade products




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