Brits Migrate to Spain

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Reasons for migrating to Spain

  • lack of variety/opportunites
  • poor healthcare
  • warmer climate
  • asthetically pleasing coastline
  • spanish culture
  • sense of community

What has made the process easier

  • Spain is a memeber of the EU
  • cheaper transport airlines
  • the European Healthcare
  • Expat communities
  • reasonably close to families

Host Country Benefits

  • Areas which are largely unproductive scrubland become valuable land once developed
  • Grey pound is spent overseas
  • Increased spending in the local economy
  • Job creation in construction, retail, catering, legal and health services

Host Country Negatives

  • Emgirant ghettos are created with little social interaction
    contrustion industry job losses as brits cant afford to live nn spain
  • house prices exceed the buying power of local people
  • large scale villas built ruin the landscape and degrade biodiversity
  • localised pollution


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