Migration- Spain


Migration- Spain


  • Advantages for Spain: Diversification of language, isolated rural areas kept 'alive" (smaller schools kept open, etc), services, disposable income, healthcare, jobs created in construction, retail and other services
  • Advantages for England: Relieves pressure to build new homes (greenfield sites saved), fewer old people to take care of (health and care problems exported), emigration balances increased immigration, reducing net migration rates


  • Disadvantages for Spain: Local house prices ridse (local people pushed out), cultural dilution, pressure of healthcare looking after the elderly, immigrant 'ghettos', strain on physical infrastructure, resentment of immigrants (lack of respect for culture, etc)
  • Disadvantages for England: Loss of potential childminders, families break up as Grandparents move away, loss of highly experienced work force, especially if they retire early


There are both disadvantages and advantages for the host and donor country who are faced with migration, in this case the elderly of England migrating to the sunny country of Spain.


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