UK migration to Spain

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UK migration to the Costa del Sol

Why and who?

- 60% of migrants moving to Spain from the UK are over 45; mostly heading for "Urbanicions" on the Costa de Sol and the Costa Blanca. For example, La Marina in Alicante has an 80% foreign population, mostly British. By 2050, 3 million pensioners would have left the UK (1 in 5)

PUSH from the UK:

  • High cost of living, especially in cities such as London: for example, escalating house prices (average London property is over £500,000)
  • Weather
  • Crime perception increasing
  • "Youth culture"

PULL to Spain:

  • Climate - it is on average 10oC warmer
  • Scenery and classic white sandy beaches
  • Low prices for accomodation (retirement money goes further)
  • Beach facilities and "holiday feel"
  • Ulitity bills 60% lower
  • Lower…


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