AS OCR History - Tudor Finale Timeline

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History – Tudor Finale




1558  Elizabeth ascends throne


1561 Mary flees to England


1570  Francis Drake sets sale to west Indies


1585-1604 England & Spain at war


1587 - Mary, Queen of Scots executed on 8th Feb


1588 Philip II sent armarda to England but was defeated





1558 Elizabeth ascends throne.



The Book of Common Prayer becomes the only form of legal worship. This was a revision of Edward VI’s prayer book.

Must attend church or face fines.


Elizabeth to be accepted as Supreme head of the Church.


1560 Treaty of Edinburgh signed between England and France.

English army entered Scotland to aid Scottish rebellion in forcing out pro-regency French garrison at Leith. After death of Mary of Guise, English and French agreed a treaty under which the Leith garrison was withdrawn.  Mary Stuart refused to ratify the treaty.


1561 Mary Stuart returns to Scotland.

After living in France since the age of 5, Mary returned to the now Protestant Scotland after the death of her Husband, Francis.


1565 Mary Stuart marries Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley.

Mary Stuart marries her cousin, Lord Darnley.


1566 Mary’s Secretary is murdered.

David Rizzio murdered by a gang of nobleman.


1567 Mary’s husband, Lord Darnley is killed.

The house in which Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley was destroyed by an explosion.

-Mary marries the Earl of Bothwell, implicating herself in Darnley’s murder.

-Mary abdicates in favour of her son, James and imprisoned in Loch Leven castle.


1568 – Mary escapes Loch Leven and raises army.

Army defeated at battle of Langside.

-Mary arrives in England, wanting protection against Scottish rebels.

-Mary imprisoned by Elizabeth.


1569 Northern Earls Rebellion.

Rebellion of Northern Earls Catholics, led by Thomas Percy, Earl of Northumberland, and Charles Neville, Earl of Westmoreland. Objective was to place Mary on English throne. Plot uncovered, Westmoreland fled and Northumberland executed.

- Rebellion breaks out in Munster


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