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Tudor Timeline

Date Event
1526 Anne Boleyn favoured by King (letters between them 26-28)
Henry tells Catherine he is seeking a divorce
1527 Pope taken prisoner by Charles V
1528 Pope makes decision that trial to get Henry's annulment can take place in England as
long as Cardinal Campeggio is…

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7 Franciscans friars shut ­ inmates forced out, and 30 imprisoned
John Fisher refused to swear the Oath and is imprisoned with Thomas More
Elizabeth Barton hanged
Pope declares marriage with Catherine valid
January Second Act of Annates - Confirmed end of annate payments
Act for abolition of Peter's Pence…

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1540 English Bible in every Church
Statute of Wills
January Henry married Anne of Cleves
June Cromwell arrested
July Cromwell executed
July Cleves marriage annulled, Henry married Catherine Howard
1541 Catherine Howard arrested for adultery
Abolition of shrines and holy days
1542 -Feb Catherine Howard executed
Planned marriage of Edward…


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