TIMELINE 1529-47

For AQA Unit 2B. Colour coded with key events.

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Tudor Timeline
Date Event
1526 Anne Boleyn favoured by King (letters between them 26-28)
Henry tells Catherine he is seeking a divorce
1527 Pope taken prisoner by Charles V
1528 Pope makes decision that trial to get Henry's annulment can take place in England as
long as Cardinal Campeggio is present and both him and Wolsey must agree on the
1529 Act to remove benefit of clergy
March Blackfriar trial begins and court hears Catherine's appeal.
23rd July Decision expected but Campeggio delays over the summer of 1529.
October Court does not meet. Wolsey loses power is replaced by Thomas More as
November Henry calls Reformation Parliament
1530 Cranmer wrote Collectanea Satis Copiosa
Cromwell joins King's Council
May William Tyndale's bible burnt (attack on heresy)
December Church charged with praemunire (appealing to power outside the realm)
1530-31 Years of Drift.
1531 Cromwell promoted to inner council
H dismisses Catherine from court and establishes it with Anne.
Jan Convocation met to talk about praemunire, H said he would withdraw charge if they
agreed to the title of `Supreme Head of the Church in England and Wales' and paid
February Clergy pardoned of praemunire charge and Convocation recognised H as Supreme
Head of the Church in England and Wales as far as the Word of God allows'.
1532 Act in Restraint of Annates (banned 95% of annates enforced in 33)
Appointment of Cranmer as new Archbishop of Canterbury (late 32 early 33)
More resigns as Chancellor
Anne becomes Marchioness of Pembroke and there is French support for the
March Supplication against the Ordinaries (Henry has authority over canon law, lost legal
May Submission of the Clergy
1533 - Jan Henry secretly marries Anne Boleyn
February Act in Restraint of Appeals (final authority in legal matters lies in monarch)
May Final hearing on divorce ­gets divorce
June Anne's coronation. Cranmer declares papal dispensation was invalid.
September Elizabeth born.
1533-34 Act of Supremacy (Henry is made head of the Church in England)
1534 Right to elect bishops transferred to King
Appeals in Church courts go to Kings court
Treason Act

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Franciscans friars shut ­ inmates forced out, and 30 imprisoned
John Fisher refused to swear the Oath and is imprisoned with Thomas More
Elizabeth Barton hanged
Pope declares marriage with Catherine valid
January Second Act of Annates - Confirmed end of annate payments
Act for abolition of Peter's Pence (removes all payments to Rome)
March Act of Succession
April Act of First Fruit and Tenths (clergy have to give first years salary to H then 10% of
annual income.…read more

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English Bible in every Church
Statute of Wills
January Henry married Anne of Cleves
June Cromwell arrested
July Cromwell executed
July Cleves marriage annulled, Henry married Catherine Howard
1541 Catherine Howard arrested for adultery
Abolition of shrines and holy days
1542 -Feb Catherine Howard executed
Planned marriage of Edward and Mary Queen of Scots
1542-44 War with Scotland
1543 English law extended to Wales and MPs there
Anglo-Imperial Alliance against France
Treaty of Greenwich (with Scotland)
April Conservatives attack Cranmer but Henry saves him (happens…read more


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