Archaeology - Case Studies by Topic (Section A)

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Exploitation of animals:

  • Lascaux (cave paintings)
  • Altamira (cave paintings)
  • Boxgrove (tools, bones)
  • Star Carr (tools)
  • Star Carr (domesticated dog?)
  • Star Carr (deer frontlets)
  • Trajan’s Column (horses in combat)
  • Iceman (kit)
  • Iceman (last meal) 
  • Iceman (deer hair on body)

Exploitation of plants:

  • Boxgrove (spear)
  • German heidelbergensis sites (spears)
  • Star Carr (wood)
  • Iceman (wood)
  • Londinium (wooden quayside and buildings)
  • Londinium (pumping mechanisms)
  • Caerleon (olive oil and wine storage in barrels and amphorae)

Art & Iconography:

  • Lascaux (cave paintings)
  • Altamira (cave paintings)
  • Venus figurines (portable art) 
  • Solutrean blades (Lascaux)
  • Oetzi (tattoos)
  • Trajan’s Column
  • Villa of Mysteries (mosaics)


  • Boxgrove (Lower paleolithic sites)
  • Levallois Core technique (Neaderthals)
  • Toth (experimental archaeology)
  • Iceman (axe and arrows)
  • Beauport Park (Roman iron working)
  • Silchester (industrial areas)


  • Olduvai Gorge (gathering cobbles)
  • Boxgrove (flints)
  • Star Carr (flints)
  • Iceman (different types of wood and flint for kit)
  • Iceman (copper ore for axe - hammer stones found to suggest mining)
  • Beauport Park (iron ore seams, wood for charcoal)


  • Solutrean blades (Upper Palaeolithic)
  • Star Carr (Mesolithic hunters/tool makers)
  • Beauport Park (charcoal burning, smelting, baking ore, extracting)
  • Roman society (tradesmen/merchants/manufacturers)
  • Iceman (maker of copper axes)


  • Roman agriculture (scavenging/hunting/farming/commercial agriculture)
  • Roman market economy


  • Olduvai Gorge (curate behaviour - 18km from source & lack of cortex on some flakes)
  • Mesolithic sites (burnt hazelnuts)
  • Mesolithic Denmark and Star Carr (drying racks/nets/traps)
  • Londinium (store rooms and warehousing)
  • Roman sites (amphorae/pottery)
  • Londinium (storage barrels)
  • Roman coins (stored wealth - coin hoards)
  • Forts (granaries)


  • Star Carr (movement of artefacts in and out)
  • Roman amphorae (stored wine in transit)
  • Caerleon (Samian artefacts) 
  • Silchester (oysters and pottery from continent)
  • Vindolanda Tablets
  • Trajan’s Column (movement of goods)
  • Caerleon (Samian and local copies)
  • Londinium (Roman road network)
  • Londinium (warehousing)
  • Londinium, Pompeii and Caerleon (quaysides)
  • Londinium, Herculaneum and Pompeii (shops)
  • Londinium, Silchester, Rome, Pompeii (markets)
  • Londinium (Roman coins)

Transport and Communication:

  • Star Carr (paddle & jetty)
  • Londinium (Roman road network)
  • Londinium (quayside)
  • Pompeii (wheel ruts)
  • Trajan’s Column
  • Vindolanda Tablets

Buildings and Structures:

  • Olduvai Gorge (living floor?)
  • Star Carr (platforms and huts)
  • Caerleon (fort/housing)
  • Londinium (fort/housing/military bases)


  • Olduvai (movement to collect cobbles)
  • Star Carr/Mesolithic sites (split-sites summer/winter


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