The archaeology of settlements and analysing the distribution of sites.


The Archaeology of settlements and analysing the distribution of sites.

Great case study.

The distribution of Roman villas.


p     The word ‘villa’ actually means a farm.

p     It is an economic term, meaning the place had an agricultural function.

p     Generally, the word is used in modern times to describe the country residences of elite members of Romano-British society.

p     We should also include the outbuildings and agricultural structures associated with these residences.


Site catchment analysis.

         A method for analysing how sites interact with the surrounding landscape.

         Site Catchment Analysis assumes that settlements are not randomly located, but instead are placed to maximise the economic opportunities available to them.

Problems with site catchment analysis.

         Relies upon the accurate reconstruction of the landscape (which is difficult to do).

         Assumes that people in the past knew about the resources we identify today.

         Assumes that their actions were guided by practical concerns.

         Assumes that economics


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