Why did groups choose to be mobile in the past?


30 Mark Essay Help- ‘Why did groups choose to be mobile in the past?’



When discussing the issue of mobility in the archaeological record there is sometimes a draw towards offering a detailed description of what constitutes mobility such as the ‘Man as Hunter’ theory. In this theory proposed by Lee a model was put forward suggesting that hunter-gatherers moved in an almost nomadic way. However, Binford offers an alternative view of analysing mobility in the archaeological record based on the difference between collectors and foragers. In this essay the classical ways of understanding mobility will be discussed including optimal foraging theory and site catchment analysis whilst looking at key sites such as Star Carr, Severn Estuary and Howick in the Mesolithic period to decide whether mobility theory does provide clear archaeological indicators of mobility practice within prehistory.


Notes from the specification on what this essay must include for top marks

  • Best responses will consider the evidence base and reasons for mobility
  • Mesolithic and seasonal exploitation will be discussed-Star Carr, Howick, River Severn
  • Ethnographic analogs such as Binford’s study
  • Looking at temporary dwellings, tool kits, ecological data
  • Best answers will consider the nature of strategy in detail-was it


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