AQA Geography Population - Pro-natalist/Anti-natalist (Q)

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With reference to examples, describe and explain the polices used by governments to control population growth. (15 marks)

Governments use either the pro-natalist policy or the anti-natalist policy to control population growth. France and Cyprus both use the pro-natalist policy to increase their population, where as China uses the anti-natalist policy to decrease their population growth. 

France's pro-natalist policy was aimed at increasing the births in France and was called the 'Code de la Famille' . Their policy included the ban of contraceptives, subsidized holidays and offered cash incentives to mothers to stay at home with their children. These incentives included up to 40 weeks of nearly full-pay, tax benefits, child care and more. This pro-natalist policy used by the French government is to increase the younger population therefore supporting their economy and their aging population. This will also increase the amout of people working which will have a positive impact on people available for different jobs.

Cyprus has


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