AQA GCSE Religious Studies -Religion and Life - Christianity

Religion and Life

The origins of the universe - Christians believe that God created the world in 7 days; on the first day he made day and night by separating the light from darkness, on the second day he separated the sea from the sky, on the third day he created all the plants on the earth, on the fourth day he produced the sun and the moon which separated day from night, on the fifth day he created the birds and ocean animals, on the sixth day he lastly created the land animals and man and woman, and then the seventh day is known to Christians as God's day of rest.

Fundamentalist Christians believe the Genesis story word for word, whereas Liberal Christians interpret the story as more of a guidance.

This may have previously been a undoubtedly popular theory but now it is being challenged by the scientist's theory of the 'Big Bang' where millions of years ago all the matter in the universe was concentrated into a single point which rapidly enlarged into an explosion which is still occurring today.

The origins of life - As mentioned in the origins of the universe, Christians believe in the creation story for the origins of life.

The value of the world - Christians regard the world as a priceless gift from God and are very thankful for it. They also…


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