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An example of a Hindu miracle is that of the event when a Hindu man dreamed that the God, Ganesha,
wanted a drink of milk. The priest offered a spoonful of milk, to the statue's mouth and to their surprise
the milk disappeared.
Another example is that of Guru Nanak and the grazing buffalo. This was when he was sent to graze the
buffalo and while the buffalos were eating the grass, Nanak began to meditate and forgot to watch over
them. The owner of the farm was very angry and went to see Nanak's father, but when they returned
they found the crops regrowing and blossoming.
A miracle can be defined as an act of God that causes a good outcome. There are two types of miracle,
ones that break the laws of nature, and the miracles that are happy coincidences.
Miracles that break the laws of nature may say that an example is the sun standing still, this is because
it is not a natural occurrence. According to the book of Joshua, God made the sun stand still at
Joshua's request, to give the Jews more time to defeat their enemies in battle. Also there are miracles
that break the laws of nature because of the speed at which the event happens. For example, people
declared dead who are then resuscitated following medical intervention.
Miracles that are a happy coincidence. For a coincidence to be a miracle some misfortune has to be
prevented or some good achieved. An example is the miracle of Stairwell B, in which 16 people survived
the collapse of the North Tower of the World Trade Centre. Also a parachutist surviving because he lands
safely in a tree after his parachute has failed to open is another example of this type of miracle
Miracles that are acts of God are the only ones around according to many people. This is because God
is outside time and space, and therefore not limited by the laws of nature. Muslims accept the miracles
of Jesus but they believe that it was God working through Jesus, and not Jesus himself, who performed
Many religious believers ask `Does God work in the world through miracles?' and many would reply
saying that he uses them to either show his power, or to show his approval of someone speaking or
acting on God's behalf.
Buddhists and atheists would agree that God does not work in the world through miracles, this is
because both Muslims and atheists don't believe in God.
Christians would say that God works directly through the miracles. They would say that Jesus
performed miracles that showed the power or love of God. Some of Jesus's miracles included walking on
water, healing the sick and raising from the dead.
Muslims believe that only Allah is able to perform miracles. No human can perform miracles, but Allah
can work through individuals to perform miracles. Muslims accept Jesus as a prophet and that Allah
performed miracles through Jesus to show that Jesus was chosen by him.
The majority of religious believers think that if humans do perform miracles, then it is only because God
is working through them
Buddhists who accept that miracles happen think that they are performed by humans. They say that the
unexplained event (miracle) is just something that we cannot yet understand. Some other Buddhists
agree that miracles are outside what we observe and know about nature, but believe that they occur
through the power of the human mind. It would be said that through meditation and leading a moral life,

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An example would be Buddha as he was able to ­ fly
through the air, seen in several places at once, and walk on hot coals
Christianity, Islam, and Judaism argue that humans can perform miracles, but only because God works
through them. Some Christians believe that Jesus could perform miracles because he was God on earth
in human form.…read more

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God only uses miracles to make us learn and not to highlight the people he uses. The
main reason miracles happen is to strengthen faith.
If a believer thinks God is transcendent then surely they should not believe God performs the miracles,
this is because if he is outside space and time then it is not possible for him to work in this world.…read more


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At the bottom of Page 1 it says that Muslims don't believe in God, oh dear

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