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An example of a Hindu miracle is that of the event when a Hindu man dreamed that the God, Ganesha,
wanted a drink of milk. The priest offered a spoonful of milk, to the statue's mouth and to their surprise
the milk disappeared.

Another example is that of Guru…

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people are able to gain miraculous powers. An example would be Buddha as he was able to ­ fly
through the air, seen in several places at once, and walk on hot coals

Christianity, Islam, and Judaism argue that humans can perform miracles, but only because God works
through them.…

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would say that God only uses miracles to make us learn and not to highlight the people he uses. The
main reason miracles happen is to strengthen faith.

If a believer thinks God is transcendent then surely they should not believe God performs the miracles,
this is because if he…


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At the bottom of Page 1 it says that Muslims don't believe in God, oh dear

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