A Balanced Diet

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Your body needs the right fuel or it won't work properly


  • Found in Pasta, rice and sugar
  • Provide energy

Lipids (fats and oils);

  • Butter, oily fish
  • provide energy, act as an energy store and provide insulation


  • Meat, fish
  • Needed for growth and repair of tissue, and to provide energy in emergencies


  • A- liver
  • helps to improve vision and keep your skin and hair healthy
  • C- Oranges
  • Needed to prevent scurvy
  • D- Eggs
  • Needed for calcium absorption, body produces it when your skin is exposed to sunlight

Mineral Ions:

  • Calcium- Milk, cheese
  • needed to make bones and teeth
  • Iron Red Meat-needed to make Haemoglobin for healthy blood


  • Food and drink
  • Just…


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