Biology: Digestion Test

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A Balanced Diet?

A balenced diet consists of:







Dietry Fibre

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The Functions of Food Groups

Carbohydrates = Immediate energy source (bread)

Protein = Used for growth and repair (meat)

Lipids = Energy store, insulation and makes cell membranes (cake)

Vitamins = Prevent defiency diseases (A - carrots, C - citrus fruit, D - sun)

Minerals = Prevents defiency diseases (Calcium - milk, Iron - liver)

Water = Acts as a Solvent

Fibre = Adds bulk to food to aid peristalsis (sweetcorn)

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Key Words

Ingestion = Taking food into the body via the mouth

Absorption = When small molecules are absorbed into the blood stream 

Assimilation = When digested food molecules are absorbed from the blood into the tissue, to make new parts of cells

Egestion = Removel of faeces by the body

Peristalsis = Contraction and relaxation of intestine muscles, pushing the food along

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Bile is produced by the LIVER and stored in the GALL BLADDER

It neutralises stomach acid and aids the digestion of fats by lipase 

This increases the surface area available for lipase to act on and so the fat is digested faster

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