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A2 - developing children's speech, communication and language

How children's language develops in a sequence:

  • babbling 
  • single words
  • two words
  • multi-word sentences

How adults support early verbal interactions with babies:

  • holding babies - hard to connect with/ build attachment
  • eye contact - helps them feel included
  • using gesture - pointing things out, enhances understanding of meanings
  • facial expressions - helps them be interested in what is happening
  • running commentary - keep chatting to them, direct communication, learn how to have a conversation
  • acknowleding babies vocalisations - respond to their sounds by talking to them, helps them feel understood

The importance of appropriate adult support:

  • giving them time to respond - have to process information to respond to what is said 
  • acknowledge attempts to communicate - getting down on their level, eye contact
  • reflecting back - dont correct or criticise, just repeat it back correctly
  • sensitively expanding statements - adults need to acknowledge what is said but help them expand i.e. sandals not shoes.



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