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B2 -development of numeracy and mathematical skills

How children learn and develop through early mathematical experiences:

  • children need to be introduced and exposed to numbers in different contexts in order to explore mathematical language and to think about different ways we use measures 
  • children must understand its practical purpose and learn to apply it to real-life situations 
  • adults must be aware of the skills of their children to ensure they get appropriate help to fully access the curriculum 

How to support children's early mathematical skills:

  • supporting early mathematical skills gives children a basis from which to develop their mathematical understanding as they become more familiar with different concepts 
  • practical exploration - secure grounding in different aspects, allows them to work it out for themselves
  • matchmaking
  • pattern making
  • sorting
  • comparing
  • counting 
  • ordering
  • recording
  • sharing 

Understand strategies for developing


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