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C1 - supporting the concept of multilingualism

Understand how to support children who are multilingual:

  • to be able to support a multilingual child an adult must understand the effects it has on a child:
  • information processing - fewer bilingual adults have dementia as it has protective effects on the brain, it helps them understand and learn different languages more easily
  • self-concept - the languages they have will have a strong association with religion or culture, this gives the child strong cultural or religious identity, it helps them communicate witht their extended family who could be in other countries.
  • simultaneous or sequential learning - ither learning both languages from a young age or having their home language and then learning another later on
  • go through four stages before picking up english
  • continued use of home language - dont realise that they dont get a response using this language 
  • non-verbal or silent period - tuning into sounds around them but dont understand it so stay silent, or way understand it and respond in non-verbal ways like going over to the table when 'snack time' is said
  • telegraphic or formulaic speech - start to talk, use useful phrases that they have picked up like thank you or thats mine
  • productive language - start to make their own sentences and become fluent in this language, but still need


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