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B5 - supporting numeracy development 

How adults support childrens early experiences of numeracy:

  • commentary - talk about what theyre doing, while theyre doing it
  • questioning - helps them think about the task in different ways and extend their learning, and make thme think logically, ask questions before after and during an activity
  • repetition - going over things again and again is important as they need continous opportunities to practice what theyve learnt
  • praise - excellent motivator and provides a confidence boost, verbal or rewards or stickers 

Understand how to plan and organise numeracy provision:

  • maths is usually taught through topic work - around a wider topic such as 'myself' or 'toys'
  • usually delivered through discussion and practical activities 
  • should be brought into a childs routine and should be spoken about i.e. 'how many children are here today'
  • mathematical language should be used as much as possible 

The process of supporting children to link concepts to experience and why this is important:

  • pointing numbers out on tills or recipts or even number plates - they become aware of numbers all around them 
  • making purchases - links to experience and helps it become reality rather than just a subject, they will feel confident as they have already experienced it 
  • counting out loud - vocalise their thoughts so it makes more sense to them

The importance of using everyday activities to promote literacy development:

  • ordering numbers on a washing line
  • playing board games
  • water and sand games to explore capacity
  • design and make patterns with pegs counters etc
  • using timers when tidying away
  • keeping track…


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