Women in Nazi Germany

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How far did Nazi policies achieve aims with women

* Women = bearers of children, place was in home, reverse trends in employment and political sector, birth rates increase, women total loyal to regime
+ Family and traditional values - Anti-Communist stance
+ Birth rate and maternity benefits
+ Many welcomed leaving factories - free marriage loans
+ Higher posts of government 
+ Male attitudes - sons disrespected mothers
+ Many sterilised with hereditary diseases, anti-social behavoural problems e.g alcholism 
- Difficult to generalise - dependent on age, class, region and religion
- Inter-racial marriages banned - those continued living together put in CC/killed
- Steralisation
- MC resented losing careers
- Female members Edelwiess pirates and Swing Youth
- Encouraged childbirth + Aryan race = sex outside marriage contradicitng Nazi family values
Ideals clashed with Nazi economic concepts + opinions based on individual circumstances

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