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Women in Nazi Germany

Women lived by Kinder, Küche and Kirche. This meant that their three priorities were
her children, church and children.
1929: Goebbels stated "The mission of women is to be beautiful and to bring children
into the world. This is not at all as... unmodern as it…

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second quarter. They could keep the third quarter on the birth of the third child, and
the entire amount on the birth of the fourth.
October 1933: Restrictions were put on women's employment in the civil service. The
official guidelines were "In the event of males and females being equally…

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+ Some German women Nazi Policy on women was incoherent
(nonprofessional and nonacademic) and inconsistent ­ many women kept
were positive about the changes their jobs (especially teachers) and many
made as they enjoyed the increased women were employed (and became
status of motherhood and the powerful) by the Nazis.…

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"We are opposed to women going into the professions which make them `mannified'. What
National Socialists want are women who are genuine comrades and mothers. The ideal
woman is one who, above all, is capable of being a mother." The Nazi Rudolf Hess speaking
in May 1936.

"Take hold of…


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