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Grace Goodwin

Nazi Ideology and the role of women

Nazi Aims towards women and the family
Women were regarded as different, rather than inferior
The Nazis aimed to reverse many of the rights that had been given to women
under Weimar as it led to a declining birth and marriage…

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interest. The number of women working steadily increased through the war as
Germany were losing more men and arms. By the end of the war, the
government could not bring itself to renounce fully its anti-feminist rhetoric.
The Nazis emphasis on family life was also undermined by the demands of…

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ambitious period in history which witnessed a unique confluence of modernist
and traditionalist tendencies"

Lisa Pine- "The Nazi regime utilized the family for its own ends. Marriage and
children became racial obligations rather than personal decisions... national
socialist reduced the functions of the family to the single task of reproduction.…


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