Women in Nazi Germany

How women were treated when Hitler came to power

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Aims for Women

Women were expected to have lots of strong children for the future generation of Nazis and for war. Only aryan women were encouraged to have children.

Women were also expected to be good house wives and mothers and were expected to be self- sacrificing.

The Nazi slogan for what was expected of Women in Nazi Germany was 'Kinder, Kurche, Kuche' which means, children, church, kitchen.

Female employment and education was discouraged.

The ideal Nazi women would wear loose clothes and would not be seen in trousers, would hope to have lots of children, would raise lots of children, would look after her family and be a good homemaker.

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Policies towards Women

Increased Births:

Parents could detuct 15% from their taxable income for every child they had, and parents with 6 children or more had to pay no tax.

Family allowances were set up for those on low income rates, so they could support more children.

Awards were handed out to women who have had children the more children you had the better the award.

Abortion was made illegal.

Reduced Education:

The league of German girls were taught of their importance to produce aryan children as a duty to Germany.

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