Why was the Spanish Armada Defeated?

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Why was the Spanish Armada defeated?

In 1588 King Phillip II of Spain sent a great fleet commanded by the duke of Medina Sidonia to envade England. Phillip was angry because:

  • Elizabeth refused to marry him;
  • English sailors have attacked Spanish ships carrying treasure back to Spain from America;
  • The English had helped the Dutch rebel against their Spanish rulers;
  • Elizabeth had excecuted Mary Queen of Scots.

King Phillip's plan

The plan was to sail up the English channel and pick up a Spanish army, commanded by the Duke of Parma, at the port of Calais in France. The Armada would then carry this army to England, to defeat Elizabeth and make England a Catholic country, friendly to Spain. The plan failed. Out of 150 of the Spanish ships that set out, only 67 returned to Spain.

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Danny Abdi



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