The Armada

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  • The Armada
    • Spanish Invasion Plans
      • Spanish strategy
        • Phillip ordered Armada to sail along English Channel to Netherlands
        • ships join with Duke of Parma & transport troops to Kent
        • Spanish army attack London, end Elizabeth's reign & establish catholic government
      • To succeed
        • Spanish control of English Channel
        • English navy disrupt Spanish shipping (lead to defeat= Spanish have stronger army)
      • Threat?
        • Elizabeth lose throne & life
        • restoration of Catholicism & persecution of Protestants
        • struggle to preserve life & religion
    • Consequences of the English victory
      • consequences for England
        • English navy strengthened
        • Elizabeth's authority enhanced
        • Stronger alliances in Europe
        • Protestants stronger in England
      • consequences for Spain
        • military & financial set back
        • Spanish war continued for Elizabeth's reign
        • Spanish prestige broken
    • Reasons for the English Victory
      • Communication problems
        • no communication between Duke of Parma & Duke of Medina-Sidonia
        • no deep water ports= communication difficult
      • English Ships better armed & equipped
        • cannons mounted on smaller guns
          • reload & fire quickly
        • damages Spanish ships (Spanish underestimated England)
      • Spanish panicked
        • Battle of Gravelines (fireships used)= captains panicked & cut anchors
      • The weather
        • gale force winds caused destruction
      • English tactics
        • English stayed close enough to fire but far enough to stop invasion of ships
        • Drake used fireships= panick
      • Spanish lacked supplies & provisons
        • Spanish at sea for 10 weeks
          • food rotted= damaged morale (Spanish couldn't fight)


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