Why did Elizabeth's religious policy change in the 1580s

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  • Why did Elizabeth's religious policy change
    • The threat from abroad
      • Both spain and france were powerful Catholic countries and invasion was a real concern for Elizabeth.
        • The Spanish armada of 1588 showed that the fear was justified
        • The threat declined towards the end of her reign, following the armada's defeat
    • jesuit missionaries
      • the popularity of people like Campion undermined Elizabeth's authority. She could not allpw them to spread their message.
    • Powerful Catholics
      • Several powerful Catholic families lived in the north of England.
        • They had mostly remained loyal, but there was growing concern that they might obey the Pope's orders and rebel
    • The Ridolfi, Throckmorton and Babington plots
      • although these plots failed, they showed that Elizabeth had enemies who wanted to overthrow her and restore the Catholic church


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