How was the Armada defeated?

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  • How was the Armada defeated?
    • English Tactics
      • The fireships broke the formation of the fleet and made individual ships vulnerable to attack
      • The bombardment by the English cannons made regrouping impossible
      • The English had faster ships and more experienced and skilled commanders
    • Spanish mistakes
      • Spanish ships were designed for the Mediterranean and couldn't cope with the harsh conditions of the English channel and the North Sea
      • They were delayed in the Netherlands because the soldiers were not ready to board
      • Their weapons were mostly for land (as they thought they would get there) leaving them almost defenceless.
        • They had also brought many of the wrong cannon balls
      • The appointed commander of the Armada was the highly experienced Álvaro de Bazán, Marquis of Santa Cruz, but he died in February 1588, and the Duke of Medina Sidonia, a high-born courtier, took his place leaving them with an inexperienced leader
    • The weather
      • Storms caused great destruction to the Spanish fleet
      • The storms delayed their return to Spain, meaning that their food and water went off/ran out. Many became too sick to sail


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