reasons why the armada failed

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  • reasons for the defeat of the Spanish Armada
    • English Tactics
      • use of Fireships
        • ( In Calais)
      • smaller more swifter boats
      • was able to break tight formation of spainish ships
        • constant bombing meant it couldn't regroup
      • good and experienced tactics like Drake and Hawking
    • weather
      • Surviving Spanish Ships couldn't survive conditions
        • boats sank
        • ran out of resources
        • illness spread
      • storms after battle
      • wind blowing favouablly to England in the battle
    • Spanish mistakes
      • very effectvive warships for mediteran
        • not for English weather
        • very unmanuvale and slow
      • delay in soldiers getting onboard
      • wrong weapons
        • cannons wrong fit
        • other cannons for on land
        • many captains inexperienced


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