Why did Gregory VII call the 3rd crusade

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situation in the east

defeat at hattin 

loss of true cross 

defeat of jerusalem army 

collapse of outremer 

saladins rampage 

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papal ambition

decades following the SC there were several calls from outremer. Many of these had fallen on deaf ears. 

1150: Baldwin III appealed to Eugenius III, nothing happened. 

extend authroity over lords 

Holy war

supreme leader 

kings involved 

extend authority over crusading 

no papal crusade since the SC

many papal appeals had been ignored 

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religious conviction

importance of possession of the holy land 

christs patramony 

work to reclaim the holy land 

suffering of christian bretheren 

redeptive power of crusade 

defeat at hattin was due to sin 

purification and crusade would save souls 

Clement III: recruited famous preachers to spread the message, spread across europe 

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