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Case studies
{AS level Edexcel geography, unit 2.
Crowded coasts
Rebranding places…read more

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Crowded coasts
Rebranding places
So what does this information
involve...…read more

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Competition · Competition · Coping with
for the coasts for the coasts the pressure
Australia Bournemouth Dorset
· Coping with · Increasing · 15 mark
the pressure risks question!
Fawley oil The Holderness Fieldwork
refinery coastline (Redcar)
Crowded coasts…read more

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"Sea change" (coastalisation)!
Golden coast and Sunshine coast in Queensland have become population centres. The Golden
coast in Queensland has a higher population than the population of Canberra.
90% of the population in Australia live on the coast.
The National Sea Change Taskforce (NSCT) was initiated in February 2004 where 27 CEOs met
to consider the options of sea change.
·Inability to provide a provision ·Large inflow of residents which
of food and water. mean a strain on the local council.
·Rapid population rate will ·Drives house prices beyond the rate
increase criminal rate. of local residents.
· Demands on the
Social Economic
Problems with
sea change!
· Availability of fresh water
Australia and good farmland is
decreasing.…read more

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The exponential growth of mass tourism.
Bournemouth's increase is not because of natural increase (the birth rate
lowered than the death rate in 2005 by 300 people). It is because of inward
Victorian period 1800s 1960s and 1970s 1980s
·Growth of railway system, ·Average wages increased and ·Package holidays became ·Further connections to the
many of the tourists were very piers were built to attract more largely available in the Channel Islands and the rest of
affluent because average wages tourists. Mediterranean. Europe.
were low.
People are attracted .
Footloose industries (such as banking) are available for development because
there is an educated workforce with easy access to European cities (blue
Bournemouth…read more

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Conflict on the coast
In 2001, UNESCO made the first section of the coast to become the World
Heritage Coast because it depicts a geological walk of time.
Kimmeridge Bay is popular with fossil hunters yet people disturb the marine
ecosystem by trampling and stone turning.
Studland Bay is owned by the National Trust which allows 1.5 million
people to visit a year. The traffic in peak season can extend along the
Boscombe's surf reef cost £1.4 million pounds and as surfers annually spend
8% more than tourists, there could be a £10 million spent.
Scallop dredgers operate out of the bay's ports and industry generates
£180,000 but it can smother sensitive species.
Dorset…read more

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