Unit 1: Developmental Psychology - Day Care


Negative Effects: Research

A longitudional study conducted in the US. Involved over 1000 children from diverse families. At age 5 children who had been in day care of any kind were rated as morea ssertive, diobedient and aggressive. Children in full-time day care (more than 30 hours) were about three times more likely to show behaviour problems compared to those cared for by children. 

EPPE Study 
The UK found similar results to NICHD. Involves 3000+ children aged 3-7 in a varity of day care settings. Children who spent longer in day care were rated by teachers as more aggressive and disobedient. 

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Negative Effects: Evaluation of Research

Reinterpreting the NICHD Results 
These can also be used to show that day care is not necessarily associated with aggressiveness. 83% of children attending day care for less than 30 hours per week did not show higher levels of aggression. The wording of the findings was a little bias. 

Other Factors Affect Aggression 
Data also showed that a mother's sensitivity to her child was a better indicator of reported problem behaviours than time spent in child care. 

Lack of Causal Relationship 
Research does not demonstrate that day care has caused any later haviours only correlations have been demonstrated. Dingfelder suggests that we need to better understand the processes. No evidence that day care caused the aggression - are factors are present, we are just unsure what. 

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Negative Effects: Mediating Factors

Quality of Care
Low quality care is associated with poor social development.

Lack of Commitment 
Parents have greater interest in their child and thus inevitably show greater involvment. Bryant found fewer secure attachment links with day care staff than with parents. 

Individual Differences
Shy children may find day care more diffcault and therefore not go meaning day care has a lack of shy children rather than day care turning children aggressive. 

Childs Age
Children who start day care before 18 months are more likely to show negative effects.

Number of Hours 
Childen who attend day care full-time may show more negative effects, Clarke-Stewart found no difference telated to the number of hours spent in day care. 

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