All Studies for Unit 1 Developmental PSYA1

Okay, I've read the entire developmental psychology chapter and picked these out as the most necessary studies, it covers every sub-topic in the unit, so you shouldn't be caught out in an exam question with these, comment if they're missing something :)

Hope it helps! 

Erin x

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o r U n i t
u d i e s F
t a n t S t y
l I m p o r c h o l o g
A l ta l P s y
lo p m e n
1 D ev e t u d i e s to
ed , b u ts
e s des
o r i
No the p po s e t h e m
o r t / o
supp…read more

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Harlow- Oppose Learning Theory
· Harlow made two `mothers' for a baby rhesus
· One made of wire that had a bottle attached
· One made of cloth with no bottle attached
Instead of becoming attached to wire lactating
mother, became attached to cloth, used her as safe
base when scared, used other cloth for comfort
when alone etc.…read more

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Support Bowlby
(Imprinting) Lorenz took half a clutch of goose eggs and
hatched them in an incubator- he was the first to see them.
When reunited his half ran to him, proving that children don't
have a predisposed picture of their mothers, and they had
imprinted on him.
(Monotropy and Hierachy) Hodges and Tizard found that
babies had multiple attachment to various figures, but
maintained on primary caregiver, and that status was achieved
by responding to the baby's needs most sensitively…read more

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(Continuity Hypothesis) Sroufe did a longitudinal
study in Minnesota, followed participants from
infancy to adolescence, saw continuity between
early attachment and later emotional/social
(caregiver sensitivity) Schaffer and Emerson found
children whose mothers interacted with them
tended to be more securely attached…read more

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· Universality- Tronick observed an African tribe
from Zaire, they live in extended families, and
the babies are all fed by different women, but
slept with their mothers at night, and after 6
months were found to have one primary
attachemnt.…read more

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Studies That Oppose Bowlby
· Kagan described the temperament hypothesis,
saying that the same caregiving is not innate, as
temperamental and personality traits shape a
mother's responsiveness, not social releasers.
· Grossmann and Grossmann said that the father
is just as important as the mother in social
development, which Bowlby does not highlight.…read more

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