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Revision Checklist: Psychology
Cognitive psychology g
STM & LTM: encoding, capacity, duration-THE BOX
WMM-possible 12 mark question including research
evidence for and against
Misleading information and its effects on accuracy of
Repeated measures designs : Strengths and Tick box once you revised
limitations the topic and understand
Hypothesis it.!
Validity: internal and external
Ethical issues and ways of dealing with them
Anxiety and age and their effects on accuracy of
recall in EWT
Memory improvement strategies- try applying
techniques to everyday situations.
Developmental Psychology g
Peer relations and day care: using research evidence
to provide high quality day care facility
Privation and effects of institutionalisation:
disinhibited attachment, attachment disorders etc.
Have case studies ready: Genie, Czech twins, Rutter's
longitudinal study, Hodges and Tizard
Questionnaires and interviews: strengths and Tick box once you revised
limitations the topic and understand
Operationalisation of variables: defining variables in a it.!
way that they can be measured and manipulated e.g.
how do you operationalise aggression? (as on day care
Control of extraneous variables: situation, participant
and investigator variables
Ethical issues with the use of children in
psychological investigations

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Biological Psychology g
Personality factors (hardiness)- can be asked
specifically on hardiness but might come into the
question on personality factors in the experience of Tick box once you revised
stress the topic and understand
Life changes in daily hassles it.!
Problem-focused approaches
Stress management- biological and psychological
Social psychology g
Research why people conform
Conformity research findings: Milgram, Zimbardo, Tick box once you revised
Asch, including ethics and methodology the topic and understand
Research for obeying it.…read more


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